February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Java EE 8 - Future, Wishes and Predictions

After some time of Java EE 7, we can finally get a feedback from the good and bad parts. What will be expecting us for Java EE 8? A big community survey was made to define new JSRs, CDI questions and NoSQL. This talk will summarise the results and risk some predictions based on Java EE 7 production systems.

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Hanneli Tavante

Codeminer 42

Hanneli (@hannelita) is a developer addicted to code, learn new programming languages, blow capacitors, do some C programming and commit useful (or not) code for random Open Source Projects that she finds at Github. She tries to help the community by writing blog posts and organising meetups about NoSQL, programming languages and Math/Physics/Science. She also likes Math, Lego, dogs, hardware, and [much] coffee.

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