February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Prototyping: Beyond the Wireframe

Wireframing a new site or app is key to not only anticipating logical inconsistencies and identifying potential development roadblocks but can also be instrumental in garnering client respect and achieving project commitment. This session will cover the best prototyping tools available: from basic views and quick turnarounds to complex functionality for seamless access across multiple devices (including client feedback integration).

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Julia Ouellette

Pixel Pros Inc.

Julia Ouellette is a front-end designer and developer whose focus is the creation of engaging single page web apps, interactive educational materials and corporate dashboards. Julia is passionate about sharing tech knowledge and loves being involved in the local web community. With a small business background, a BCOM in Entrepreneurial Management, and an extensive history in both design and development, Julia’s aim is to bring content to life on the screen.

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