February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

tmux: Real Ultimate Terminal Power

In this talk, Jason will introduce tmux, the terminal multiplexer. He’ll cover why you’d want to use it, and then teach you how to actually use it with practical examples. He’ll teach you his favorite key bindings, and then go into some incredibly handy plugins that you can use that will make your tmux experience so much better. Once you are done learning tmux, you’ll never understand how you got along without it.

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Jason Lotito


Jason Lotito is a Senior Architect at MeetMe.com. There, he's been focusing on performance and scaling for over a year now. He's been a developer since 1999, and enjoys all types of programming, from server side to client side, to mobile. He's a father of 2 wonderful boys, and a husband to a wonderful wife.

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