February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

Tobias Schlitt

Tobias Schlitt

Tobias Schlitt, a web developer since 1996, has been at the forefront of PHP since 2000. As a co-founder of Qafoo, he honed in on PHP software quality & architecture for a decade. Later, he co-launched Frontastic, which transitioned to commercetools Frontend in 2022. Now a principal engineer overseeing 25+ engineers, Tobias champions software that meets business needs and advocates for inclusion & mental health. https://schlitt.info.

Proposals - Montreal 2024

--- Placeholder for mental health talk ---

I'm open for any format of panel discussion, interview or just an "ask me anything" session about my experience with mental health issues in tech and tech leadership. See more infos here: https://schlitt.info/blog/0783_mental_health_comingout.html

Why a slim domain model is superior in web

Domain-driven design proponents champion aggregate roots and entity-bound logic. While suitable for complex models, the web realm differs: we often load a partial model, modify, and save. Attend this session for insights on crafting a domain model tailored to web needs within a hexagonal architecture framework.

Create a full-remote environment that doesn’t suck

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many into remote work, facing challenges like poor equipment and communication barriers. Since 2017, Frontastic adopted a remote-native approach, turning these challenges into advantages, creating an excellent remote work environment. Learn how our methods made team members regard our setting as "the best." Gain insights on applying these lessons to your remote teams.

Navigating Tech Decisions: A Startup Survival Guide

In the whirlwind journey of co-founding and eventually selling a startup over six years, navigating the maze of tech decisions was one of our most critical tasks. This talk delves into the choices we made, striking a balance between the latest tech trends and our own experiences. Curious about how product-market-fit relates to your tech stack, or wondering if you should chase the latest hyped technology?