Brad Urani

Brad Urani

Brad Urani loves talking, tweeting and blogging about software almost as much as he loves creating it. He's a veteran of 5 startups and a frequent conference and meetup speaker. He lives in Santa Barbara, California where he preaches the wonders of Ruby and relational databases as Principal Engineer at Procore.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Queries Inside Out: The Algorithms in your Database

English session - Intermediate

Relational databases are fast. How are they so fast? Algorithms! Join us as we demonstrate the algorithms in your database. From sorting and joining to genetic programming, we'll see how the database performs its magic.
Knowing how your database works will help you write better queries, choose optimal indexes and decipher the output of the query analyzer. You'll learn plenty from this illuminating peak beneath the covers of SQL.

Ruby on Rails at 1,000,000 Lines of Code

English session - Beginner

Conventional wisdom says that huge teams with huge apps are slow and unresponsive. However, with great people, culture and diligent engineering, a team of 60 can perform like a team of 6. Learn which tools, patterns and practices help you manage growth, and which don't. Hear how trust in your teammates trumps consistency of design, and how prioritizing people over processes can keep you fast, agile and bug free even at 1,000,000 lines of code.