Christophe Philemotte

Christophe Philemotte

I build development tools, such as PullReview, and I like to help developers. I also work at EURA NOVA, a private research service company. I am a polyglot developer; C++ and Ruby are my strongest languages. I like to talk at conferences and to support the community. I co-founded Ruby Belgium and I am its current president.

Montreal 2018 sessions

A DIY Data Lake and Lab

English session - Intermediate

When we want to analyze our data, we need to store and analyze them. Your data sets as mines are big
enough to give a hard time to our laptop, but not enough to use the fanciest big data solutions. By building a simple Data Lake and Lab, we can get what we want without deployment headaches. We'll see how we can build a simple Data Lake and Lab based on Ruby, Python, and common PaaS and IaaS.

How to onboard a junior developer

English session - Beginner

A junior developer will join your team. If nothing is done, he/she will be very likely unproductive for a long time. You and me have been there too. This is not a great experience, for nobody. Still, great engineers need to be made, and it
starts from day one.
Based on my experience and the EURA NOVA onboarding, I'll discuss why onboarding is important, which elements are required, how to plan and do it, and which common pitfalls to avoid.

Montreal 2017 sessions