March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

A DIY Data Lake and Lab

When we want to analyze our data, we need to store and analyze them. Your data sets as mines are big
enough to give a hard time to our laptop, but not enough to use the fanciest big data solutions. By building a simple Data Lake and Lab, we can get what we want without deployment headaches. We'll see how we can build a simple Data Lake and Lab based on Ruby, Python, and common PaaS and IaaS.

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Christophe Philemotte


I build development tools, such as PullReview, and I like to help developers. I also work at EURA NOVA, a private research service company. I am a polyglot developer; C++ and Ruby are my strongest languages. I like to talk at conferences and to support the community. I co-founded Ruby Belgium and I am its current president.

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