Francis Toth

Francis Toth

Francis is a software developer, convinced agilist with over 12 years experience developing highly scalable web/mobile/backend applications, optimizing work processes and managing dev teams. He is currently interested by Functional Programming in general (Scala, Haskell, React…) and distributed computing.

Aside from that, he works as a developer / trainer at Yoppworks, a Scala-dedicated consulting company and co-organizes Lambda-Montreal, a meetup dedicated to Functional Programming.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Spark 101

English session - Beginner

Considered by many as the successor to Hadoop, Spark is today used by many major players such as Amazon or Ebay. With its ability to perform fast in-memory computing on clusters with thousands of nodes, Spark has become one of the most promising technology regarding large datasets analysis. After a quick overview of how distributed systems evolved, we'll introduce Spark's core functionalities and briefly cover its libraries.

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