February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Testing Android app

Developing an Android app is easy. But what about testing it ? Why do Android developers still think their environment is so special when it comes to unit-testing ? After a brief introduction to TDD, Francis will give an overview of how an Android app can be tested and will give some tricks learned from the trenches. This talk will mainly focus on trade-offs that have to be considered when developing Android apps in a TDD way compared to more classical Java web-app development. It will cover topics such as Mocking, Development patterns, Unit Testing, Acceptance Tests, and continuous integration.

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Francis Toth


Francis is a software developer, convinced agilist with over 12 years experience developing highly scalable web/mobile/backend applications, optimizing work processes and managing dev teams. He is currently interested by Functional Programming in general (Scala, Haskell, React…) and distributed computing.

Aside from that, he works as a developer / trainer at Yoppworks, a Scala-dedicated consulting company and co-organizes Lambda-Montreal, a meetup dedicated to Functional Programming.

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