Garth Henson

Garth Henson

Garth is a software engineer and architect with a love for mentoring and training. Having worked in the JavaScript ecosystem for many years, he enjoys sharing his experiences with others through appearances at local meet ups, tech conferences, and university tech talks. Through his roles at Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, and now Microsoft, Garth applies himself to enterprise cloud architecture - including serverless methodologies, bridging gaps between business and tech teams, and mentoring.

Montreal 2022 sessions

Automated Email Testing with Docker and POSTFIX

English session - Beginner

In this technically immersive discussion, we will examine the challenge of testing round-trip email sending. We often test everything (including best-guess rendering) right up to the handshake with the email service provider, but why don't we test the payloads after receipt?

We will build a reusable, local round-trip email flow using Node.js, POSTFIX, and Docker to facilitate custom parsing, handling, and testing.

Enabling Near-Real-Time Data with Node.js and Redis

English session - Intermediate

In this age of instant news and information, our products must keep up with the speed of life. Whether a chat app, stock ticker, or online MMORPG, processing and broadcasting data in near-real-time is critical to success. We will examine how Node.js + Redis offers a powerful, resilient tool able to scale to massive traffic. This talk will analyze event driven architecture and use a hands-on group experiment to demonstrate its potential.

Montreal 2019 sessions