March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Ask 10x Better Questions for More Effective Communication

Balancing technical prowess and soft skills is always a challenge, but whether you are discussing business requirements for a product or sitting in on a hiring loop, asking the right questions is essential to effective communication. Communication breaks down when one or both parties make assumptions of the other, and learning to ask better questions in these situations can help alleviate the stress and even improve the efficiency of your team.

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Garth Henson

Disney Streaming

Garth is a software engineer and architect with a love for mentoring and training. Having worked in the JavaScript ecosystem for many years, he enjoys sharing his experiences with others through appearances at local meet ups, tech conferences, and university tech talks. Through his roles at Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, and now Microsoft, Garth applies himself to enterprise cloud architecture - including serverless methodologies, bridging gaps between business and tech teams, and mentoring.

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