Heidi Waterhouse

Heidi Waterhouse

Heidi is a mercenary technical writer and travelling salesperson of better process and product thinking. She loves writing herself out of a job and teaching people to save themselves from future pain.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Search-First Writing for Developers

English session - Beginner

If people can't use your software, you have already failed as a developer.

This talk digs in to how optimizing for search and using the existing technical assistance forums can put your product ahead of the pack. Technical writing, in all its variations, is a type of interface with your product. It incorporates everything from an error message to an implementation guide.

Be a better dev by being a better writer!

The Seven Righteous Fights

English session - Intermediate

There are seven fights that I have over and over again, whenever I start at a company. I'm here to convince you that it's valuable for everyone to have these things in mind from the inception of a project.

Having these fights early prevents you from doing the software equivalent of poking chocolate chips into an already-baked cookie. They are: localization, security, extensibility, documentation, affordance, acceptance, accessibility.