Magnus Hagander

Magnus Hagander

Magnus Hagander is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and a developer and code committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

He mostly works on different parts of the PostgreSQL backend, recently with a focus on security features such as authentication and encryption, and backup/availability.

To pay the bills, he is an open source software consultant, primarily on PostgreSQL and Varnish at Redpill Linpro in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works with consulting, support and training.

Montreal 2018 sessions

PostgreSQL gotchas for app developers

English session - Intermediate

Some things when it comes to working with databases are obvious to everybody. Other things are hidden from everybody. Yet some can be obvious to an experienced DBA, but come as a big surprise to application developers, and these can often be different between different databases.

In this talk I'll go through some of the common mistakes I've seen in applications built against PostgreSQL that made perfect sense, yet were suboptimal or failed.

What's new in PostgreSQL 10

English session - Intermediate

PostgreSQL 10 is out -- with a brand new style of version numbering. But beyond that it of course also comes with a large number of interesting improvements for both developers and DBAs. This talk will outline some of the bigger ones, and how they can be used for better or easier service.

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