February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

New and cool in PostgreSQL

It's far too common today that both applications and organizations don't use more than a tiny portion of the functionality in the tools they use - even that which has been available for years.

In this talk we'll go through some of the features added to PostgreSQL in the past 4-5 years that can make a huge difference if used right - and yet very few people use things like FDWs, Range Types, Ordered Sets and more.

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Magnus Hagander

Redpill Linpro

Magnus Hagander is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and a developer and code committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

He mostly works on different parts of the PostgreSQL backend, recently with a focus on security features such as authentication and encryption, and backup/availability.

To pay the bills, he is an open source software consultant, primarily on PostgreSQL and Varnish at Redpill Linpro in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works with consulting, support and training.

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