Oskar Westin

Oskar Westin

Oskar Westin is the Senior Accessibility Strategy Manager at TELUS Digital. As an accessibility leader and advocate, Oskar's role is to help teams to meet their goals and to provide accessible products and services to all.

Oskar is also the co-organizer of #a11yTO, a Toronto based group that actively promotes digital inclusion for the design and development community.

Montreal 2020 sessions

Accessibility: the easy part of your job

English session - Beginner

Accessibility is often seen as a costly endeavour, blocker to creative design, a complicated technical solution, or a problem left to QA.

Accessibility is an opportunity to create an excellent experience for all of your customers. Understanding your role in bringing that experience to the table, might be easier than you might think.

I will share some tips and tricks for making accessibility a simple part of your process.