February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Accessibility First

Where should we start considering accessibility?
If you think the title is a giveaway, you’re right; starting with accessibility in mind is the way to go. But who is the first person to take that step?
Spoilers, it’s you.
Learn about what you can do in your role to move accessibility left in the software development lifecycle.

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Oskar Westin

TELUS Digital and #a11yTO

Users are more valuable than any guidelines. A customer-first, inclusive lens will foster an accessible digital ecosystem.

Oskar Westin is the Senior Accessibility Strategy Manager at TELUS Digital. As an accessibility leader and advocate, Oskar's role is to help teams to meet their goals and to provide accessible products and services to all.

Oskar is also the co-organizer of #a11yTO, a Toronto-based group that actively promotes digital inclusion for the design and development community.

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