Pierre-Luc Maheu

Pierre-Luc Maheu

Pierre-Luc Maheu is a software developer who worked in VoIP, cloud hosting and e-commerce for the past seven years. He currently works at PBSC Solutions, a world leader in bike sharing solutions. His current interests are monitoring, performance/scaling and F#. He is also an editor at InfoQ, writing news about .NET.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Demystifying Asynchronous Programming in .Net

English session - Intermediate

Async/await and the Task model are the main features of C# 5/.NET 4.5. While asynchronous programming can be done in most languages, all have different specifics, usage and trade-offs. You will see, in this presentation, what is the asynchronous Task model in .NET and why it matters for web apps. This will be accompanied with code examples in C# and F#.

What is Domain Driven Design and Why it Matters

English session - Beginner

While Object Oriented Programming provides a basis for structuring code, the question "How do I make sense of all those business rules?" remains unanswered. Domain Driven Design (DDD) main goal is to manage complexity by defining how to translate domain logic to code. In this presentation, you will see the main concepts of DDD and how it facilitates communication between developers and domain experts.

Montreal 2017 sessions