March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Demystifying Asynchronous Programming in .Net

Async/await and the Task model are the main features of C# 5/.NET 4.5. While asynchronous programming can be done in most languages, all have different specifics, usage and trade-offs. You will see, in this presentation, what is the asynchronous Task model in .NET and why it matters for web apps. This will be accompanied with code examples in C# and F#.

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Pierre-Luc Maheu


Pierre-Luc Maheu is a software developer who worked in VoIP, cloud hosting and e-commerce for the past seven years. He currently works at PBSC Solutions, a world leader in bike sharing solutions. His current interests are monitoring, performance/scaling and F#. He is also an editor at InfoQ, writing news about .NET.

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