Ram Lakshmanan

Ram  Lakshmanan

Every single day millions & millions of people in North America travel, bank and do commerce using the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. 1 in 3 USA households do banking using the applications that Ram has architected. 70% of North America’s Leisure travel bookings are made through the applications that Ram has architected. Ram is the founder of the highly popular DevOps tools GCeasy.io & fastThread.io. Ram advices startups, Fortune 500 enterprises, Governmental organizations on

Montreal 2018 sessions

Become a garbage collection hero

English session - Advanced

Are you building high throughput, low latency application? Are you trying to figure out perfect JVM heap size? Are you struggling to choose right garbage collection algorithm and settings? Are you striving to achieve pause less GC? Do you know the right tools & best practices to tame the GC? Do you know to troubleshoot memory problems using GC logs? You will get complete answers to several such questions in this session.

Modern Engineer’s troubleshooting tools, techniques & tricks

English session - Advanced

Have you struggled to diagnose sudden CPU spikes? Do you hate OutOfMemoryErrors? Do you get stuck to diagnose zombie/unresponsive applications? Are you tired of spending hours, days, weeks in troubleshooting these problems? Learn right tools, tricks and patterns to identify root cause of complex problems in seconds (not even in minutes).