Sean Coates

Sean Coates

Sean Coates has worked on the Web for almost two decades. He has managed teams of developers, developed payment code that processed over $1M per day, and works with Fictive Kin ( on web products.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Advanced Virtualmachining with Vagrant

English session - Advanced

You've got a basic virtual machine setup, but want to take it to the next level?

In this talk, we'll cover advanced virtual machine management for teams, with Vagrant, including: basic VM-to-production philosophy, bootstrapping for everyone, managed Vagrantfile, tricks for multiple VMs, caching, packaging, and other Vagrant tips.

You'll see how we run VMs at Fictive Kin, for everyone—not just our technically-savvy developers.

Intro to highly available web apps

English session - Intermediate

At 3 AM, when a backhoe cuts the fiber line that connects your server to the Internet, who wants to be awoken by a phone alert from their monitoring system freaking out? Not me.

This talk provides an app-platform-agnostic overview of building applications that can withstand whole data center failures without going down, with a focus on Amazon Web Services EC2 and related infrastructure.

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