March 8-10, 2017
Montreal, Canada

Three Dangerous Trends that Decrease your Trust Factor

Learn the secrets to develop trust and confidence in your team, decreasing conflict and stress!

In this powerful session, you'll learn three dangerous trends that many leaders are doing, often unaware, and that negatively affect their trust factor perceived by others.

Without trust, every communication between you and your team will be held with skepticism, causing constant conflict and suspicion.

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Sonia Di Maulo

Harvest Performance

Sonia Di Maulo MA, CRP, is a Global Leadership Performance Strategist specializing in conflict resolution for teams - an award-winning performance improvement professional with 16 years of experience partnering with organizations to analyze, design/develop, deliver and evaluate human resource initiatives that measure the value and impact of organizational effectiveness. Her book, The Apple in the Orchard (2012) was endorsed by leadership guru, Ken Blanchard.

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