March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

10 things the media hasn't told you about React Native

Beyond the initial feeling of wonder while building mobile interfaces easily and quickly, React Native adopters can feel frustrated when comes the time to transform a proof-of-concept into a production-ready application. Let us take a look at how React Native works under the hood to have a good grasp of the framework architecture and how to deal with advanced concepts like layout, styling, navigation, performance, testing and so on.

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Nicolas Cuillery


My experience as a software engineer passionated by UI and UX has led me to become a JavaScript consultant at Zenika, helping companies to build modern and innovative applications.

Since the announcement of React, and then React Native, I have never stopped being seduced by its game-changing ecosystem and I'm loving being part of its community by writing, speaking and contributing about this technology.

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