March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Developing multi-platform microservices using .NET core

In the past, C# developers’ could only look in envy as the world moved to container based micro services and cloud deployment – until now.
With the new ASP.NET Core a C# developer can write REST based microservices using the latest and greatest Visual Studio and deploy them in a different OS - or the cloud using Docker, quickly and effortlessly.

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Dror Helper


Dror is a senior consultant and software architect CodeValue.
He has been writing software professionally for more than a decade, during which he has worked for industry giants such as Intel and SAP as well as small start-up companies. When not writing code, Dror mentor developers and conduct courses about clean code, unit testing and TDD.
Dror speaks in local and international venues about software development practices, agile methodologies, unit testing and test-driven design.

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