March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Java EE 8 is final! Now what?

Java EE 8 has just been released. In addition, Oracle has announced its intention to move the Java EE development to the Eclipse Foundation; a bold move supported by Red Hat and IBM.

This session will first give a technical overview of Java EE 8 and discuss enhancement s (ex. JAX-RS 2.1, Servlet 4, CDI 2, JSON-B, the new Security API). We will conclude by looking at what it means to have the Eclipse Foundation driving the platform forward.

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David Delabassee


David Delabassée is a Software Evangelist working for Oracle; his focus is Server-side Java. His interest ranges from Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) to Serverless via Microservices. David is a regular speaker at conferences and User Groups across the globe.

David lives in Belgium and in his spare time, he tinkers with technologies such as Home Automation, electronics, pinballs, etc. But more importantly, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter.

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