March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

MariaDB ColumnStore - An Open Source Analytics Solution

MariaDB ColumnStore is a storage engine optimized for modern analytical workloads released under the GPL license. It is a distributed technology with parallel query processing for greater scalability, and is based on columnar storage for higher efficiency and query performance.

We will cover many of its core features and discuss examples of real-world use cases where it is being used today.

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Jonathan Day


Jonathan Day, Solution Architect at MariaDB

Jon has worked for MariaDB since 2012 as Senior Sales Engineer. His IT career began over 25 years ago having various roles as a System Programmer, Systems Admin, Programmer Consultant, and Product Manager. He most recently worked several years as a Solution Architect at both IBM and Netezza where he specialized in the areas of Security, Security Monitoring, Auditing, and Compliance.

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