March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Mutation Testing to the rescue of your Tests

In the realm of testing, the code coverage metrics is the most often talked about. However, it doesn’t mean that the test has been useful or that an assert has been coded.
I'll explain how Code Coverage is computed and what its inherent flaw is. Afterwards, I'll describe how Mutation Testing work and how it helps pointing out code that leaves out corner cases. I will also demo PIT, a Java production-grade framework that enables Mutation Testing.

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Nicolas Fränkel


Nicolas Fränkel is a Software Architect with 15 years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with narrower interests like Software Quality, Build Processes and Rich Internet Applications. Currently working for an eCommerce solution vendor leader. Also double as a teacher in universities and higher education schools, a train

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