March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Produce the key DevOps metrics that management understands

Organizations are interested in DevOps because it is tied to extraordinary business results. Developers and Operations adopt DevOps because.. well.. it's just fun, really. The problem is that DevOps is a journey which takes time and money. It might be hard to sustain the kind of investment required when the reasons are so hard to articulate.
This talk will explain the key metrics that management will understand and how to produce them.

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Olivier Gourment

Smarter Portal inc

Throughout his 25 years experience in IT, Olivier Gourment has worn many different hats, including Developer, Architect, Project Manager and Director of Software Development. Olivier delivered his first Agile project in 2001:, which was a resounding success. He continued learning and practicing Lean-Agile & DevOps in order to improve delivery speed and quality. He regularly presents at international conferences and provides Lean/Agile coaching. Follow him on Twitter @ogourment

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