26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada


The worst kind of legacy code is convoluted, labyrinthine, and devilishly difficult to change. It's also packed with valuable lessons about simplicity and constraints. CSI:Ruby investigates a case of atrociously complex code, and focuses on a systematic approach to uncovering flaws in your design so you can spare it a deadly fate.

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Katrina Owen


Katrina ran away from the circus and found her true home in the land of computers and code. She enjoys optimizing and automating, taking busywork away from smart people and putting it into code where it belongs. She is the problem solver you want on your side. She is driven by an inexplicable urge to refactor, and has for the past 6 years volunteered as a nitpicker at the javaranch.com Cattle Drive. She appreciates a good steak, and admits to enjoying a nice stick fight.

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