24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Cross platform C# In Any Editor

For years, due to the nature of C# projects, C# developers were confined to Visual Studio as their only IDE, and Windows as their only development OS.

Recently, community-driven initiatives such as OmniSharp or scriptcs, have helped developers shrug off the VS chains, and liberate themselves - to develop C# in any editor, on any platform.

In this talk we'll explore them and learn how lightweight .NET application development can be.

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Filip W

Climax Media

Filip is a popular ASP.NET blogger, author, open source contributor and a Microsoft MVP. Over the past few years, his blog has been one of the most popular ASP.NET resources on the internet. Filip specializes in ASP.NET Web Stack and modern web technologies and is experienced in delivering robust web solutions in corporate context - worked on projects in many corners of the world (Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Scotland). Follow him on Twitter @filip_woj.

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