24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Introduction to Spark

Considered by many as the successor to Hadoop, Spark is today used by many major players such as Amazon or Ebay. With its ability to perform fast in-memory computing on clusters with thousands of nodes, Spark has become one of the most promising technology regarding large datasets analysis. After a quick overview of how distributed systems evolved, we'll introduce Spark's core functionalities and briefly cover its libraries.

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Francis Toth


Francis is a software developer, convinced agilist with over 12 years experience developing highly scalable web/mobile/backend applications, optimizing work processes and managing dev teams. He is currently interested by Functional Programming in general (Scala, Haskell, React…) and distributed computing.

Aside from that, he works as a developer / trainer at Yoppworks, a Scala-dedicated consulting company and co-organizes Lambda-Montreal, a meetup dedicated to Functional Programming.

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