24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Let if flow: Java 8 Streams puzzles and more

This talk covers Java 8 Streams in details and using programming puzzles will discuss about various techniques with Streams: how to do complex data processing , queries with Streams API, how to use all the goodies like map, flatMap,filter, how to group, and partition data, how to use infinite streams, parallel streams, creating lazy lists.
If you are a beginner or a pro with Java 8 wanting to challenge your knowledge there is something for all!

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Bhakti Mehta

Blue Jeans Network

Bhakti Mehta is the author of Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON, Packt Publishing, published in 2013 and RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices, published in 2014. She has more than 13 years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing software solutions on top of Java EE and other related technologies. She is passionate about open source software development and has been one of the founding members of GlassFish Open Source Application Server.

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