24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Now What? Relearning What you Know in ASP.NET 5

If you could drop a box of TNT on the ASP.NET stack and start over, what would it look like? Fewer dependencies, faster builds and viewing changes without compiling? Check! A composable, injectable, self-hostable stack? Check! The MVC 6 Framework has several new features, but these aren’t only skin-deep. In this session we’ll walk through the MVC pipeline, expose the new parts and discuss what the changes mean to real-world developers.

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James Chambers

Clear Measure

James has been developing software since 1995 with varied industry exposure: oil & gas, heath care, public insurance, the food industry, transportation, telecommunications and at all levels of government.

Switching to the .NET stack in 2002, James is now four-time MVP in ASP.NET and uses the MVC Framework, jQuery and Web API on a daily basis. He is a frequent speaker and active blogger speaking and participating in conferences and local user groups. Catch him on Twitter as @CanadianJames

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