24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Protecting the Future of Mobile Payments

We are in an age where more people have phones than toilets, and there are more active cell phones than people on the planet. How do we protect all of these devices roaming around unsecured locations, especially when they want to pay for something. Learn the secrets behind building a secure mobile backbone, as we explore how to harden security, build systems based on identity confidence, and work towards a future proofed mobile framework.

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Jonathan LeBlanc


Jonathan LeBlanc is an Emmy award winning software engineer, author of the O’Reilly books "Identity and Data Security for Web Development" and "Programming Social Applications", and the Director of Developer Advocacy at Box.

Specializing in identity, auth and security, hardware to web interconnectivity, and data mining techniques, as well as open source initiatives around social engagement, Jonathan works on the development of emerging initiatives towards building a more user-centric web.

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