24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Security Theatre

This is not your normal security talk. We're going to look at the data from an ongoing 4 year project to see just how vulnerable the average consumer website is.

We'll dissect the results, pull out some interesting tidbits, stare at horror at the rats-nests we come across and, hopefully, come away with some insights and awareness of the insecurity of the web around us.

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Thomas Shone


I've been working with PHP since 2005 and spent 5 of those years working remotely. Until recently I lived in South Africa. Now I live in Amsterdan, I have a fondness for Composer, php-fig and security stuff. On occasion I've been known to point out vulnerabilities in payment gateways. On occasion I've been threatened with legal action for doing this.

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