24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

YOU can predict the future with Machine Learning

Every company wants to predict the future, that’s why Machine Learning is so exciting. In this session we will use Azure ML Studio to get you started with Machine Learning. We will show you how to use a dataset to train and evaluate the accuracy of a predictive model. Then we will show you how to take your predictive model and expose it as a web service based on REST so you can create a website or application that makes its own predictions.

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Susan Ibach


Susan Ibach (aka @HockeyGeekGirl) is a technical evangelist at Microsoft, so she loves to talk about the latest developer technologies such as the cloud, machine learning, cognitive services, and more! She has worked as a consultant doing programming, testing, data conversions, roll-outs and also as a trainer teaching programming, databases, and business intelligence. Susan is a high energy presenter and takes pride in delivering engaging presentations.

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