24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

Your tests are bad, and you should feel… Good!

Test-driven development's great, but what happens when you find yourself working on code where automated testing took a back seat to being shipped? This talk looks at techniques for automated testing of late-stage or even production code, and how to use this to fix bugs in your code. Testing late in life isn't a lost cause any more!

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Christopher Neugebauer

AlphaSights, Inc / Python Software Foundation

Christopher Neugebauer is an Australian developer, speaker, and serial community conference organiser. He serves as a director of the Python Software Foundation, and co-organises the acclaimed North Bay Python conference, a boutique one-track conference in a live music venue in Petaluma, California.

By day, Christopher works as a Senior Software Engineer at AlphaSights, where he uses Kotlin to build communications tools that put clients around the world in touch with knowledge they need.

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