21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Contain(erize) your dev environment to free yourself

Countless hours (and days) are lost on day zero, the first day a dev wants to contribute to a new project. There's services to install, library versions to contend with, and obscure error messages to Google. Running everything locally is a terrible way to manage dev environments.

Containerize your environment to free yourself! Let's explore how to create dev containers so you, and your team, can start writing code without the headache.

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Christopher Harrison


Christopher is a long-time geek who's spent most of his career training, supporting, and upskilling developers. He's a web developer with passions from Python to DevOps to TypeScript to AI. In his current role as an Enterprise Advocate for GitHub, he seeks to help organizations improve their DevOps process and culture. When not found writing code, he can run, play Civilization, or spend time with his partner and their four-legged child (a rescue mutt).

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