21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Exploring Debugger Internals to Make You a Better Developer

??Debuggers are indispensable tools for Java developers, empowering them to conquer bugs and unravel complex systems. But have you ever wondered how they work? Curious about the implementation of features like conditional breakpoints and remote debugging? Join me for a deep dive into debuggers, unlocking their secrets to maximize their potential. Gain invaluable insights and elevate your debugging game in this illuminating talk.

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Johannes Bechberger


Johannes Bechberger is a JVM developer working on profilers and their underlying technology in the SapMachine team at SAP. This includes improvements to async-profiler and its ecosystem, a website to view the different JFR event types, and improvements to the FirefoxProfiler, making it usable in the Java world. He started at SAP in 2022 after two years of research studies at the KIT in Java security analyses. His work today comprises many open-source contributions and his blog.

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