21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

From libraries to core: Exploring the future of Node.js

Get ready for a game-changing shift in application development!
Node.js is shaking things up by reducing external dependencies and embracing core capabilities. Say goodbye to costly libraries because Node.js teams have been working tirelessly to introduce native tests, watch mode, and loader to the ecosystem, all without relying on external libraries.
Discover how you can revolutionize your workflow with Node.js's core-driven approach

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Jean Burellier


With a passion for reshaping processes and being able to produce more by doing less, Jean works mainly as a domain-specific reference on the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem, leading platform and transversal teams.When he is not directly building features for the business, Jean finds solutions to improve the global developer experience by enhancing the collaboration between teams, bringing suggestions on how to succeed together, bring more efficiency to all teams and focus on the technical stack.

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