21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

GPT Embeddings - Not Magic, Just Math

Unraveling the mystery of embeddings from Large Language Models, this talk explores their mathematical foundations and applications. It goes beyond chat and analytics, demonstrating their operational use in C#. Tools like Cosine similarity and clustering are used for comparison. This talk is ideal for developers, but also valuable for data scientists, and those curious about the math behind machine learning and natural language processing.

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Barry Stahl

Carvana, LLC.

Barry (he/him) is a .NET Software Engineer who has been creating enterprise solutions for more than 30 years. Barry is also an Election Integrity Activist, baseball and hockey fan, husband of one genius and father of another, and a 30+ year resident of Phoenix Arizona USA. Barry spends his days as a Solution Architect for Carvana and his nights thinking about the next AZGiveCamp where software developers come together to build websites and apps for some great non-profit organizations.

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