21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Kafka's Reign Is Over. Apache Pulsar's Rise.

While the industry has long been captivated by Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar is emerging as a compelling alternative. Attendees will learn about Pulsar's features, like out of box multi-tenancy, native geo-replication, and why it is an all-in-one messaging and streaming platform. We'll compare the differences between both systems complemented by firsthand insights from managing real production loads exceeding 100k msg/s.

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Cory Darby

BlueCat Networks

With over a decade in software development and over five years in management, Cory Darby is a blend of operations, business and tech. Currently leading as a Director of Engineering at BlueCat Networks dealing with critical infrastructure. Cory excels in managing big data challenges, particularly at the petabyte scale. His impressive track record includes tenures at one of the world's largest bandwidth consumers and in the payments sector, processing billions in transactions every year.

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