21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Need for Speed: Removing speed bumps in API Projects

No one wants their app to be slow! Yet, we all may end up with not optimal solutions that may slow down responses of API Platform-based applications. During this speech, together, we will discover typical pitfalls and how to spot them and address them.

This presentation will focus on the application-level things we may change to improve our response times.

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Lukasz Chrusciel

Commerce Weavers

Lukasz has been at the heart of Sylius' development from the start and now leads the Core Team. Known as an API guy, the one to blame for the new API platform integration. He’s all about practical solutions, clean code, and the power of automated testing. Off the clock, he’s a traveller, sailor, and board game enthusiast.

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