21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

PWAs: Past, Present, Future.

Back in 2015, Progressive Web Apps started as a way to upgrade websites to be installable and live next to native apps. Modern PWAs are much more than just offline website shortcuts for phones; they're reliable, installable, and capable on any device. Explore the history of PWAs from the earliest building blocks to modern capabilities, what success looks like for companies that start down this journey, and look forward to what their future holds.

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Sam Richard


Sam Richard, better known as Snugug throughout the Internet, is a Developer Advocate for Chrome OS at Google. He has a background leading software architecture, development, design, and strategy for the web at Fortune 100 companies, and loves being able to share the knowledge he’s gained doing so with anyone interested through teaching, speaking, and open source work. Outside of work, Sam is an avid amateur chef, foodie, and photographer, and often combines all three.

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