21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Spring Boot 3 and Beyond!

This presentation introduces some of the new and exciting features in Spring Boot 3.0 and beyond. One of the key highlights of Spring Boot 3.0 is the built-in AOT (Ahead of Time) support for GraalVM's native image. This groundbreaking addition revolutionizes your approach to application development and unlocks a multitude of unprecedented possibilities.

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Dan Vega


Dan Vega is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu. He has been developing software for the web for over 20 years and his superpower is problem-solving. Dan is a blogger, YouTuber, course creator, and speaker. He is a lifelong learner and his passion is sharing his knowledge with the developer community. Dan lives near Cleveland Ohio with his beautiful wife and 2 daughters. When he isn’t writing code or teaching he enjoys spending time with his family, lifting weights, running, or reading a

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