21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

Structuring Accessible Forms

Creating accessible forms is the science of constructing form fields that provide the correct name, role, and state through the data entry experience. In this talk we examine creating and labeling form fields of different types; grouping related form fields, like radio buttons; marking form fields as required; handling input errors and verifying data integrity. Through testing with a screen reader, you’ll understand how it works semantically.

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Rachele DiTullio

Rachele is gender non-binary and uses the pronouns she/they. Rachele believes in information integrity and accessibility for all through inclusive design principles. As a front-end developer for more than two decades, they learned web standards and coding best practices. Now, they use that knowledge as Senior Accessibility Engineer. Rachele is a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) and earned a Master of Science degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin.

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