21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

The Evolution of a MySQL database architecture

The Evolution of a MySQL database, from a single instance to HA with Disaster Recovery.
In this session, we cover the different deployment possibilities of the MySQL architecture depending on the business requirements for the data. We deploy some architectures and see how to evolve to the next one. The attendees will learn how to migrate from single instance to High Availability with Data Recovery across Data Centers with the minimal downtime

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Frédéric Descamps


"@lefred" has been consulting OpenSource and MySQL for almost 20 years. After graduating in Management Information Technology, Frédéric started his career as a developer for an ERP under HPUX. He will then opt for a career in the world of open-source by joining one of the first Belgian start-up dedicated 100% to free projects around GNU/Linux. He decided to join the MySQL Community Team in 2016 as a MySQL Community Manager for EMEA & APAC.

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