21 au 23 février, 2024
Montréal, Canada

useSignal(): The Revolution in State Management

useSignal() is a revolution in state management. It is a more reactive, performant, and scalable way to manage state than traditional methods. By learning how to use useSignal(), you can take your state management skills to the next level.

This conference will explore the useSignal() technique. I will discuss topics such as:

The benefits of using useSignal()
How to use useSignal() to build dynamic and interactive web applications

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Ruby Jane Cabagnot


Ruby Jane Cabagnot, a proficient web developer, speaker, and co-author of Practical Enterprise React, is an active figure in the tech world. Passionate about programming languages like TypeScript, C#, and React, RJ's ongoing learning fuels her drive for innovation and boundary-pushing. She is dedicated to educating and promoting women in technology.

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