8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

V like Velocity - Predicting from Streams with Azure ML

One of the dimensions in the big data world is the velocity. Real-time pace introduces new challenges, especially when trying to apply advanced analytics solutions. Azure ML provides an easy and inexpensive way to use machine learning as a service. The talk will show how to use it when working with data streams for the predictive maintenance problem. It will present big data architecture that enables data ingestion, analysis and persistence.

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Barbara Fusinska


Barbara is a Data Solution Architect with strong software development background. While working with a variety of different companies, she gained experience in building diverse software systems. This experience brought her focus to the Data Science and Big Data field. She believes in the importance of the data and metrics when growing a successful business. Alongside collaborating around data architectures, Barbara still enjoys programming activities.

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