7 au 9 mars, 2018
Hôtel Bonaventure

Monitoring Jenkins -- Someone has to watch over the Butler!

Get insights for your Jenkins master and node infrastructure, job and build details including an incredibly efficient way to analyze test results! See the health of your slaves to discover hard to find issues and fix them before they become a bottleneck for development teams. Examine audit trail of user logins and job control including configuration changes — useful for security and compliance.

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Tom Chavez


Tom Chavez has more than twenty years of experience as a manager and product manager in the software development tools field. Today Tom works in product marketing at Splunk, the leader in operational intelligence. He has worked across the Silicon Valley at industry leaders including Apple, Sun, PalmSource, Intuit and SOASTA delivering tools for Mac, Java, PalmOS, Linux and Android development and testing. Tom holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UCBerkeley.

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