26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

AI and Design – Embrace AI. Unleash It and Boost UX.

Inspirational talk on how AI and Machine Learning is shaping the future and how roles and our processes in design and development will be shaped by it. AI will help designers and developers create better experiences because AI is a creative partner, "your Augmented Intelligence.” Becoming familiar with AI will ignite new thinking, shift approaches, deliver new tools, processes, and concepts.

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Miklos Philips


Miklos is a Lead UX Designer and Product Design Strategist with over 18 years of experience in UX. Currently in London, he spent 18 years in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles as a UX designer.

UX design is his passion, and he writes articles regularly as the Lead Design Blog Editor at Toptal. He also speaks at design events and conferences—sometimes as a member of the Toptal Speakers Network, and mentors UX designers at various educational and professional industry organizations.

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